International Democracy Project

  Democracy around the world is under assault from forces that see an opportunity to undermine, if not destroy the very foundation.  Democracy is based on philosophies, values, and principles that can be traced to the Age of Enlightenment.  In most “democratic states” the “strong towers” that we believed protected “fortress democracy,” were not all that strong at all.  The founding documents, laws, and regulations that we believed codified and encapsulated our philosophies, values, and principles in hermetically sealed containers, leaks like sieves.  We have come to realize that mere norms, standard operating procedures, or even just habits can play roles as important in making democracy work as founding documents, laws or regulations do.  Additionally, democracy works when “reasonable citizens” adhere to its tenants and processes and lend legitimacy to its actions.  However, anti-democratic forces are, by definition, not reasonable and are intent on bringing democracies down all over the world.  They have studied democracy over many years to determine where its vulnerabilities lie and when they find them, they seek to exploit them to the fullest.  Some former democracies have already fallen, and others are teetering.  Even, America, long considered to be the first “true democracy,” the bastion of democracy, and the greatest progressive experiment in human history, has proven to be susceptible to these selfsame anti-democratic forces.  For the good of us all, Democracy, Progressivism and their adherents cannot retire from this fight and seek a safe harbor during the storm.  They must persevere.


  The world has been down this road before. Antidemocratic forces assailed the liberal democratic order three times during the 20th Century. During, World War I, World War II and the Cold War aggressive anti-democrats tried to bring down global democracy and supplant it with various strains of authoritarianism. During World War I and World War II, democracies were slow to resist right-wing authoritarianism, thus giving anti-democratic forces early advantages that resulted in prolonged global wars, untold destruction, and human carnage, leading ultimately to the fall of states and of empires. During the five-decades-long Cold War, left-wing authoritarianism assailed democracies in a global campaign of dueling ideologies and proxy wars before democracies were finally able to prevail. Currently, at the start of the 21st Century, democracies again find themselves in another existential clash, this time against another strain of rightwing authoritarianism. Again, the “enemy” (authoritarians) are at the gate, and democracy-loving peoples everywhere must meet them there and roll them back. Pro-democracy forces need to make common cause worldwide to establish a new international coalition of conscience bent on saving the world order as we know it. Saving liberal democracy begins with “hardening” it (fixing its vulnerabilities) and ends with creating a benign yet robust philosophy that is far more attractive than the authoritarian philosophies extant in the world today. This book is meant to begin those processes. If affirmatively adopted and implemented, the solutions proposed in this book will result in the creation of Rawls’ “realistic utopias,” the saving of liberal democracy worldwide, and ultimately the creation a “better world.” For more on the solution being proposed herein, download the White Paper: 004 under the Projects/White Papers (Urgent Reads!) tab.