Plato MIS Project

The Equity Management and Plato technology were specifically developed to resolve the affirmative action conflict in America. However, implementation of this world-class technology in foreign democratic countries would help other nations address the issues of justice and fairness and help to mitigate their internal conflicts concerning race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and cultural differences. The functionality and benefits of Equity Management and Plato are detailed on the following two pages. The Plato Software System will be built using open source software and will, therefore be open source itself. The NIWI Consortium, a consortium of governmental, technical, financial, and other stakeholders, will engage in the granular design, building, integration, testing, dissemination, support, maintenance, and enhancement, and training for Plato. The Plato Software System will be built using components from different open source vendors and integrated and augmented to meet the unique functional needs of Equity Management best. The open source systems used will be chosen for their web-based nature, power, high scalability, robust ecosystem, support for distributed databases, ability to handle really “big data sets,” ability to handle transactional data, and their compatibility. The Equity Management will have an Analysis Module that will be powered by the following open source systems: the business information system, Pentaho, and R- Statistical Analysis tool to perform high-level statistical analysis, e.g., regression analysis, and a “Policy Solver” built on the GLPK linear programming optimizer. The Plato Software System will also have a Contract Compliance Module will be powered by the following open source systems: PIEMatrix; Contract Alert; Cobblestone Contract Management; TimeLive Open Source Time Sheets; and JSurvey.



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