EM-P: A Strategic Plan to Help Save The Liberal Democratic World Order

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Around the world, democracy and capitalism are in crisis. Democracy and capitalism have a major vulnerability; their reality does not match their rhetoric. Many believe that rather than being the guarantors of freedoms, equality, justice, fairness, and inclusion, democracy and capitalism have proven to be architects of oligarchy, corruption, inequality, partisanship, polarization, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia, etc., leading to anger at the political establishment and the popular belief in many countries that their political and economic systems are "rigged.” Opportunistic authoritarians are now trying to destroy the liberal democratic world order by “weaponizing” these vulnerabilities, all the while claiming that Liberalism is obsolete," and "democracy is a lie." Therefore, "democracy is dead!"

While there is some veracity in the authoritarian characterization of democracy and capitalism, it does not have to be so. The key to saving the liberal democratic world order lies in solving democracy’s and capitalism’s problems in a manner that leads to “national unity.” This can only be done by re-imagining and reinventing democracy itself and by redefining distributive justice in ways that comport with the principles of justice, fairness, and inclusion. W&A has developed a universally applicable strategic plan which solves these problems associated with democracy and capitalism. The solution is contained in a book entitled Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America: Managing Equity in the 21st Century, written by Dr. Charles A. Washington, and in a series of five (5) white papers. The strategic plan operationalizes John B. Rawls' seminal concept, “Justice as Fairness,” which can be used to solve the problems associated with democracy and capitalism. The strategic plan calls for the development and universal implementation of a management system called “Equity Management,” and a software system called the “Plato Management Information System.” Collectively these strategic plan elements are known as “Equity Management-Plato” and by the acronym “EM-P.” See the image below.

Attribution: Washington & Associates, Inc.

National unity in America is problematic, because of the conflicts between competing groups over contentious issues such as the following: foreign election interference," national unity," reparations for slavery," white supremacy," affirmative action," inequality,” oligarchy,” immigration,” partisanship,” etc. These conflicts yield irreconcilable zero-sum policy positions. Aside from being mutually exclusive, the positions held by the competing groups are generally unpopular, impractical, and/or unconstitutional. EM-P seeks to resolve these conflicts, create national unity, and promote social peace by developing a new social contract to which all can subscribe. The new social contract is intended to mitigate all the problems and positions cited above by offering compromise solutions that should appeal to all Americans.

Further, a recent study by the U.S. Pentagon correctly identified the nature of the problems facing the liberal democratic world order and what is necessary to save it. The report makes the following case: (1) national unity equals national security; (2) fixing democracy and capitalism is key, and (3) democracies need to craft a positive message to compete in the global war of ideas. Many multilateral organizations have come to the same conclusions as has the Pentagon, democracy-loving countries must formulate new strategies and unite in order to resist authoritarianism and save the liberal democratic world order. However, outside of W&A’s EM-P, there are no viable solutions for thwarting what could become a political and economic apocalypse.

National Security (word cloud)

EM-P is the only practical solution that can fulfill the Pentagon’s recommendations and meet the needs of individual countries and multilateral organizations seeking to save the liberal democratic world order. Therefore, W&A is issuing a clarion call to democracy-loving peoples everywhere, to read the book, study the strategic plan, and join the movement to help save the liberal democratic world order while it can yet be saved.

Ethnic Diversity and World Unity

What W&A is proposing is arguably the largest and most consequential international “revolutionary social movement” in human history (meaning it will produce positive changes for everyone). While W&A has been able to lay the groundwork for the project, W&A is looking to think tanks like yours to examine the book and the strategic plan for its applicability for solving the problems presented. If you find the answer is as we purport, we are seeking to partner with organizations and individuals to execute the strategic plan. While much time and effort were put into researching and writing the book, developing the strategic plan, and designing the promotional gear, we recognize the neither we nor our work products are perfect. But we ardently maintain that they are the best (and only) solutions available. And in a time of global crisis, there is a need to move forward expeditiously if we are to save the liberal world order.

The case for EM-P being the solution to saving the liberal democratic world order is made in the Introduction, Chapter 1-4, and Chapter 8 of Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America and the “International Democracy Project, White paper No 04. We invite all to read the book and the white paper(s) and arm themselves with the information required to engage in the national debate over this issue in an informed manner.

Eternal Vigilance to Defend Democracy (word cloud)

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