EM-P and the Process of Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracies Worldwide (part 2)

Around the world, democracy (and capitalism) is in crisis. Democracy and capitalism have significant vulnerabilities; their reality does not match their rhetoric. Rather than being the guarantors of freedoms, equality, justice, fairness, and inclusion, democracy and capitalism have given way to oligarchy, corruption, inequality, partisanship, polarization, racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. This has led to the popular belief in many countries that their political and economic systems are “rigged.” Opportunistic authoritarians are now trying to destroy the liberal democratic world order by “weaponizing” these vulnerabilities, all the while claiming that “Liberalism is Obsolete” and “democracy is a lie.” Therefore, “democracy is “dead!”

Pro-democracy forces were slow to realize the depth of the crisis. Their lack of awareness gave anti-democracy forces a head start, as is reflected in the number of countries wherein democracy is teetering on the brink of collapse or has collapsed altogether. Fortunately, pro-democracy forces are now aware of their plight and are planning to fight back. Unfortunately, none of them seem to have a plan for fighting back. Washington & Associates, Inc. (W&A) is offering a viable solution that is capable of countering the authoritarian threat, unifying countries, and saving liberal democracy. If anyone else has a viable alternative solution, given the “hair-on-fire” reactions by governments, multilaterals, think tanks, universities, academics, reporters, and the public, it would have been announced already.

Meanwhile, the call for pushing back against authoritarianism, unifying countries, and saving liberal democracy is growing louder by the day. For example, a recent AP-NORC poll found that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that American democracy is not working well at all; despite that, they still think it is the best form of government, and they continue to express fealty to it. Joe Biden ran for president on the agenda of restore the soul of America,” which has come to be interpreted as unifying the country, ending systemic racism, and saving liberal democracy. President Biden has launched a series of initiatives to address systemic racism, which many see as a “good first step” on his electoral agenda leaving much more to be done. Even the Republican Party has latched onto the mantra of the need to unify the country.”

Globally, there is a growing consensus that liberal democracy is in crisis. America’s allies believe that if liberal democracy is to be saved worldwide, it will be saved in America first. America will have to lead the way for all other democracies. Europeans expect President Joe Biden to chart the course out of the morass in which we find ourselves. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas “warned that EU democracy is interlinked with US events. Maas calls for the close corporation of pro-democracy people in a “Marshall Plan for Democracy.” This Marshall Plan for Democracy will be a wide-reaching (global) pro-democracy initiative spearheaded by President Biden, America, and its EU allies. According to Maas, the EU is looking forward to a global “summit on democracy” that President Biden looks to initiate in his first year in office.

Fortunately, no requiem for liberal democracy is necessary. In response to the crisis of liberal democracy, W&A spent 31 years developing “The Project to Save Liberal Democracy.” “The Project to Save Liberal Democracy” is composed of two subprojects, “The Equity Management-Plato Subproject” and “The International Democracy Subproject.” The “Project to Save Liberal Democracy” is designed to unify countries, save liberal democracy, and empower a positive populist movement that will give the people a “seat at the table” and put in place true representative democracy. The two subprojects are designed to work together to unify countries and thus save liberal democracy. The schematic attached to this news release shows a graphical representation of “The Project to Save Liberal Democracy.” The Equity Management-Plato Project (the salmon-colored section at the top) intersects with The International Democracy Project (the sky blue-colored section at the bottom of the schematic). The dovetail interface between the two sub-projects represents that the two sub-projects are tightly interlocked and meant to be implemented together. Either of the projects could be implemented separately and would have a positive impact. However, if both sub-projects are implemented simultaneously, they will serve as mutually reinforcing force multipliers in the crusade to unify countries and save liberal democracy.

This schematic shows the two parts of "The Project to Save Liberal Democracy: "The Equity Management Plato Subproject" and "The International Democracy Project."
The Project to Save Liberal Democracy

To help explain the details of The Project to Save Liberal Democracy, we at W&A wrote a white paper that summarizes the project. It is called “EM-P and the Process of Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracies Worldwide” (white paper no. 007). First, the white paper examines the thought processes of Albert Einstein regarding the crisis of democracy in his time to see if we can glean lessons to learn about addressing the crisis of liberal democracy in our time. Then we explore components and the processes of the solution we are proposing; Equity Management-Plato, EM-P is designed to address many of the debilitating systemic problems that plague America and other democracies worldwide. We explore what parts of the political system need to be adjusted to dismantle these debilitating systemic processes from discussing the solution. Next, this white paper explores how EM-P can be used to dismantle the debilitating systemic problems under investigation. Next, we examine the process for implementing EM-P and the benefits that America and other democracy-loving countries worldwide will derive from implementing EM-P. Next, the white paper delves into the need for a “bottom-up” international positive populist movement that supports and promotes EM-P to be created that will be designed to counter the negative populism that authoritarians are using to undermine democracy worldwide. The top-down, government-focused portion and the bottom-up positive populist international democracy project will unify countries, thus save liberal democracy. Next, this white paper outlines a way to “crowd-fund” the bottom-up populist portion of the EM-P project by offering proceeds from the book and the EM-P promotional EM-P gear in a win-win revenue sharing campaign to fund the positive populist efforts outlined in this white paper. Finally, the white paper issues a call to action to all democracy-loving people in America and worldwide to heed the clarion call of those who see liberal democracy as being under threat and want to do something about it.

We ask you to go to the W&A website, and study it. Download and read white paper no. 007. We believe you will see that the solution being offered by W&A is the only way forward for liberal democracy in America and liberal democracy everywhere. If after studying our website and reading the white paper, you fell as we feel, contact us, join us in this crusade.