EM-P: Mitigating Many of The Problems Plaguing Liberal Democracy

At base, the problems of our time represent an existential assault on the liberal democratic order by authoritarians bent on bringing down the liberal democracy in America and around the world. Currently, there is much trepidation and anguish among pro-democracy forces as they are struggling to muster an adequate defense (let alone an offense) against the forces of authoritarianism. The book, Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America: Managing Equity in the 21st Century, which is now published, has at its heart a concept called “Equity Management-Plato” (EM-P) that is designed to solve many of these vexing problems. It also has two associated projects which are designed to solve these problems by unifying America, resisting authoritarianism, and saving Liberal Democracy in America and worldwide.

By adopting EM-P, pro-democracy forces around the world will facilitate the following positive processes. This book is meant to serve many purposes with regards to America in that it is designed to help do the following:

  1. Install true “Representative Consensus Democracy;”

  2. Ensure justice, fairness, and inclusion in America;

  3. Mitigate the impact of Identity Politics;

  4. Mitigate discrimination;

  5. Mitigate the impact of zero-sum politics and economics;

  6. Resolve the conflict over the role of the state regarding distributive justice;

  7. Mitigate discrimination for all Americans;

  8. Promote the development and universal acceptance of a new social contract in America;

  9. Mitigate the impact of race and gender in American politics;

  10. Aid in the creation of a level playing field;

  11. Reinvigorate the middle class and shores up of the American Dream;

  12. Create a just and fair “Opportunity Society;” and

  13. Replace the outmoded agendas of both political parties, Democratic and Republican.

By adopting EM-P, pro-democracy forces around the world will facilitate the following positive processes worldwide in that it is designed to help do the following:

  1. Push back against authoritarianism, right-wing radicalism, nativism, Identity Politics, zero-sum politics and economics, and Majoritarian Democracy.

  2. Promote progressivism, tolerance, justice, fairness, inclusion, win-win politics and economics, and Representative Consensus Democracy around the world.

  3. Give progressivism, progressive politics, and progressive policies a firm moral, philosophical, and legal, basis.

  4. Bind progressive individuals, organizations, social movements, and political parties around the world into a cohesive (and irresistible) force to counter the reactionary forces extant in the world today.

  5. Provide the “tie that binds” progressives everywhere together by elucidating “who they are;” “what they stand for;” “what they want;” “when do they want it;” “what is their plan for getting it;” and “how they plan to keep it.”

  6. Give progressives everywhere an instrument that they can use to inform the like-minded, educate the uninformed, and persuade the misguided as to the benefits of progressivism as opposed to authoritarianism.

  7. Make common cause between progressive peoples and states around the world.

  8. Fight racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and homophobia around the world.

  9. Restore and energize the middle-class, protect and support the poor, mitigate racial, class, and gender inequality.

  10. Unify pluralistic countries around the world.

  11. Empower the people to take control of their political, social, and economic circumstances in the spirit of “Demos Kratos” (rule by the people)

  12. Ensure national security and national sovereignty by mitigating, if not eliminating the vulnerabilities of democracy, which allows anti-democratic forces to foment division and discord.

  13. Create “realistic utopias” around the world.

  14. Create a “better world.”

In order to glean a good understanding of what I am proposing here, you should read the five documents attached to this email. The documents should be read in the following order:

  1. Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America: Managing Equity in the 21st Century (2,000-word summary)

  2. Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America: Managing Equity in the 21st Century

  3. Equity Management and the Plato Management Information System

  4. The International Democracy Project (Proposal)

  5. Continuity in the Symbolism of Washington & Associates, Inc.'s Tagline, Slogan, "Equity Management-Plato" Logos and It's Promotional Gear.

Those of us who fear for the future of democracy cannot afford to wait for concerned individuals, organizations, and groups, who have yet to come to grips with the plight of liberal democracy and the synergistic nature of the problems contributing to that plight, to come up with a solution. While W&A has been working on a strategic plan to save the liberal democratic world order for 29 years, we need the type of help that only you can provide to bring the strategic plan to fruition. Therefore, we are asking you to join us and to help refine the ideas in the book, to put “flesh on the bones” of the strategic plan, to help build the Plato Management Information System and implement all elements of the solution worldwide. We are looking to you to help us save the liberal world order.

Pursuant to its mission, W&A is soliciting all like-minded countries, governments, corporations, organizations, and individuals who are concerned about the current state of democracy in America and around the world and who want to do something about it to heed this clarion call. We are asking all Americans to explore our website ;download and read the white papers; buy and read the book, and buy and show off the gear. Follow us on social media. Sign up (organizations and individuals) and join the movement. Help make the changes you want. Help fight for unity among peoples in America and elsewhere. Help resist authoritarianism everywhere. Help save Liberal Democracy worldwide!

The case for EM-P being the solution to many of the problems facing American democracy and democracies worldwide is made throughout the book, Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America, and all five white papers on our company website. We invite all to read the book and the white paper(s) and arm themselves with the information required to engage in the national debate over this issue in an informed manner.

Attribution: Washington & Associates, Inc.

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