EM-P: Promoting National Unity for National Security Purposes

American democracy (and democracies worldwide have been under siege by Russians intent upon interfering in our democratic processes and elections with a view to disrupting and destroying democracy in America and worldwide. Unfortunately, their efforts to thwart foreign interference has focused largely on technical solutions. Their efforts at technical fixes are failing because just as the Silicon Valley folks in America cannot thwart Russian interference through modifying their social media platforms, Europeans will not be able to either. Solving the problem of Russian interference requires re-imagining and reinventing democracy within their countries by making their democratic reality match their democratic rhetoric.

Whatever solution to this existential assault on democracy Americans (and democracy-loving peoples everywhere) adopt, it is key to their national security and their national sovereignty. The strategic plan being proposed by W&A has serious national security implications. It can be the first line of defense against foreign attacks on American democracy (and democracy everywhere). Foreign attacks on democracies everywhere have focused on using social media to exacerbate racial, class, political, and economic divisions in democracies. The best way to help ensure America’s national security and national sovereignty (as well as the national security and national sovereignty of other democracies) as regards to these types of attacks is to foster unity among American citizens (and citizens of other democracies).

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against cannot stand." Alternatively, a house united against its opposition can stand. A unified America and (and other democracies) will be far less susceptible to these types of foreign attacks. Americans (and democracy-loving peoples everywhere) must seeks to unify themselves, bridge their national divides.

Map of The United States Showing The Major Divisions Plaguing The Country

The solution that W&A is offering the best way to stave off interference in American democracy and democracy everywhere. We are aware that you are undertaking technical fixes to your platform to help mitigate interference by bad actors in democracies. Unfortunately, the technical fixes to social media platforms are not likely to prevent interference in democracies by bad actors over time. The problems with democracies are more fundamental than current efforts at mitigation can address. Technology firms are merely treating symptoms and not curing the disease. Bad actors will continually adjust to the mitigation efforts of bad actors. Therefore, technology firms will always find themselves in a reactionary mode, defending against the last attack and helpless against .

National Security (word cloud)

Democracy-loving peoples must get out in front of the machinations of these bad actors by making appropriate changes in democracy and capitalism. W&A’s solution is designed to be proactive and to address democracy's problems at a fundamental (societal) level. Taken together, with the efforts of governments, technology firms, W&A's strategic plan (EM-P) represent the total solution to democracy’s problems. Partnering with W&A (combining our efforts) to help implement the strategic plan (the Equity Management management System and the Management Information System) would help solve democracy’s vulnerability problems.

National and World Unity That Promotes Diversity and Inclusion Empowered by EM-P

The case for EM-P promoting national unity to enhance national security is made in the Introduction, the Introduction, Chapter 1-4, and Chapter 8 of Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America and the “International Democracy Project, White paper No 03. We invite all to read the book and the white paper(s) and arm themselves with the information required to engage in the national debate over this issue in an informed manner.

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