EM-P: The "Swiss Army Knife" Designed to Help Reconcile Democracy's Rhetoric and It's Reality

As we showed in previous blog posts ("EM-P: Mitigating Many of The Problems Plaguing Liberal Democracy" and "EM-P: A Strategic Plan to Help Save The Liberal Democratic World Order") enumerate the plethora of problems that plague American democracy and democracies worldwide. These problems are thorny, intertwined, and have been largely intractable. Because the problems are so interconnected, it makes solving them individually nearly impossible. Because these democracy's rhetoric does not match its reality, which creates vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the enemies of democracy. Strengthening and hardening democracies requires fixing these problems. Fixing these problems requires the problem be addressed simultaneously if they are to be solved at all or we risk failure on all fronts.

These collection of problems pose an imminent existential threat to democracy and to capitalism themselves. But, how do we how do you address, let alone solve all of these problems at once? It will take a tremendous amount of time and effort to develop and implement and coordinate the battery of policy solutions. Coordinating the elements of a single policy is challenging. Coordinating within and between dozens of policies is likely to be impossible and take more time to accomplish than is available.

The alternative to trying to develop and implement dozens of hermetically sealed, stove- piped policy solutions is to find a few (or one) solution(s) that has the potential to address, mitigate and hopefully solve many if not all of these problems. In the commercial sector, there is a product that embodies the notion of a multi-function implement which contains multiple tools each designed to to solve a specific problem. That implement is the "Swiss Army Knife by Vitorinox.

Attribution: www.swissknifeshop.com

EM-P was designed in the spirit of the Swiss Army Knife. It is a single instrument with multiple tools within it that can help solve the multitude of problems shown below:

  1. Give Power Back to The People (Demos Kratis)

  2. Promote Representative Consensus Democracy

  3. Promote Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion

  4. Strengthen The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

  5. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

  6. EM-P International Democracy Project

  7. International Democracy Project to Bind Democracies Together Worldwide

  8. Strategic Plan

  9. Re-Imagining and Reinventing Democracy and Capitalism

  10. Replace Zero-Sum Politics and Economics with Win-Win Politics and Economics

  11. Replace Negative Populism with Positive Populism

  12. Reducing The Incidence of Identity Politics

  13. Make Structural Discrimination of All Types

  14. Strengthen Representative Consensus Democracy

  15. Promote Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion

  16. Redefine Populism (Replace Negative Populism with Positive Populism)

  17. Make Real "We The People"

  18. Mitigating The Impact of The Special Interest State

  19. Tripartite Negotiation To Reach A New Social Contract

  20. Mitigating Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, etc.

  21. Help Democracy Resist Authoritarianism

  22. Hardening Democracy

  23. Give Democracy A Powerful Narrative in Resisting Authoritarianism

  24. Focus Mass Movements Constructively Toward Fashioning A Better World

  25. Mass Movements

  26. Provide A Strategic Plan

  27. Heal The Partisan Divide

  28. Operationalize John Rawls' Justice as Fairness

  29. Use Strict Scrutiny as The Key To Leveling the Playing Field

  30. Help Unrig the Political and Economic System

  31. Create A Powerful Demonstration Effect of A Properly Working Democracy

  32. Replacing Affirmative Action with EM-P

  33. Demonstrate The Constitutional Foundation of EM-P

  34. Fixing Hyper Partisanship and Polarization

  35. Replacing White Supremacy and Multiculturalism

  36. Creating A Realistic Utopia and A Better World

  37. Creating A New Social Contract

EM-P is designed to achieve notable progress in all of these areas, though likely it will not be perfect out of the gate. Like any multi-tool, what can be achieved by using it depends upon the tool selected and that the job at hand. Some are designed to have direct and some indirect benefits from using the tool.

For some, the Swiss Army Knife metaphor has negative connotations. Some disparage the notion by saying that by trying to be a "jack of all trades will simultaneously mean being the master of none." While "being master of none" is a clever turn of phrase, insisting on "mastering" of any of these problems (pursuing perfection) is looking at matters the wrong way. There is no such thing as a "perfect public policy." Such a position eschews the generalist policies and glorifies specialist policies. W&A does not maintain that EM-P is the perfect solution for all of the problems for which it was designed at this time. But, EM-P is clearly situated to achieve more "satisficing," which is defined by the Merriam Webster online dictionary as "... pursuing the minimum satisfactory condition or outcome."

In the inquiry of adopting what is available as opposed to what might be available in the indeterminate future, we need to ask ourselves, what would you rather have a single solution that gets you 80 to 90 percent of the way to wellness regarding 35 diseases that afflict us wait years for five specialist solutions that cure five diseases perfectly while leaving the other 30 diseases that afflict you untouched? As Voltaire once said, "Perfect is the enemy of good." In an article in Forbes Magazine, entitled "Why Perfection is The Enemy of Done," Doop Patel addressed these issues as stated in the longish following quotes:

Building something great is about being patient with the learning process. If you can commit yourself to the refinement of an idea, that’s how you’re going to ultimately end up with something valuable. But thinking that you can sit at a desk, come up with an idea and then execute it perfectly from the get-go is a recipe for failure.

The truth is, tomorrow’s idea will always be better. Every day you’ll improve, and you’ll see what you can change, adjust and make better. So it’s not about waiting to get it perfect before you implement it, share it or release it; rather, it’s about getting a working version out the door and then refining over time.

If you wait too long to release your product, launch your service or expand your company, you’ll become stagnant. You will lose momentum, and what was once an exciting idea will feel tired and difficult to implement. This is why it’s crucial that you move swiftly and with plenty of passion. Keeping the ball rolling is the name of the game.

Further, Alex Lickerman, MD in an article in Psychology Today said the "an obsession with perfection can paralyze" resulting in the perfect eluding us but so will the good." W&A proudly embraces the Swiss Army Knife metaphor as a proper way to characterize EM-P. EM-P is the result of thirty years of researching, modeling, prototyping, and field testing, of the ideas contained within it. Twenty different disciplines were explored to develop it.

The book, Ensuring Justice, Fairness, and Inclusion in America, is a description of theoretical, legal, technical, etc. foundation of EM-P and how it would work in an American context. The five white papers associated with EM-P and available on this website implement EM-P. The EM-P Blog is oriented more toward explaining the direct and indirect benefits of adopting and implementing EM-P worldwide (see the list of problems above). W&A will be publishing blog posts on those benefits at a rate of one to two a week going forward. Subscribers to the EM-P Blog will be informed of their publication inform our subscribers as to the

And in the effort to save the liberal democratic world order, we cannot afford to wait for a single perfect solution to a single one of the problems that afflict democracy, let alone thirty five such problems. We need to move now while the liberal world order can yet be saved. When confronted with imminent disaster, you take hold of salvation regardless of the source. We cannot wait for the perfect solution to be provided by the usual suspects. It is becoming increasingly clear, at least to W&A, that EM-P is the only available and only viable solution there is.

EM-P is a proverbial Swiss Army Knife. And if implemented, it will allow us to begin to the solve the problems identified above and thereby help reconcile democracy's rhetoric with its reality. W&A proudly embraces the Swiss Army Knife metaphor as a good way to characterize EM-P.

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