EM-P: Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracy (part 3)

An appropriate subtitle for this blog post "unifying and organizing pro-democracy organizations." Well-ordered pluralistic societies cannot exist in the absence of liberal democracy. Liberal democracy is the glue that holds pluralistic democracies together. Absent liberal democracy, pluralistic societies will inevitably devolve into a dystopian mess rife with division, internecine warfare, inequality, injustice, unfairness, and exclusion based on tribal identities, and ultimately will cease to exist as viable societies altogether. Therefore, national unity is a national imperative. Unfortunately, some politicians seek political advantage out of this challenging situation. They are playing with fire. How do you achieve national unity and preserve liberal democracy in a society wherein many, including some of our political leaders, do not want national unity or liberal democracy?

Each generation of Americans bears a fiduciary responsibility regarding the American nation and its democracy. Previous generations of Americans have faced existential threats similar to those we face now. In each case, enough of them were determined to ensure that democracy would not die on their watch to save the nation and its democracy. It is now our turn to stand in the breach. We are bound by our oaths to ensure the health and well-being of America and its democracy. We are responsible for keeping faith with our forefathers, who passed that responsibility on to us. Finally, we are responsible for holding America and its democracy in trust for our children and generations yet unborn. Suppose our generation is the one that breaks faith with our forefathers and future generations and allows liberal democracy in America to wither into nothingness or be overtly and catastrophically destroyed, then America and its democracy would have died on our watch, and all those who by sins of commission or omission failed to maintain fidelity to this great responsibility will have earned a place in infamy.

The American people want their representatives to deliver policy initiatives per the general will, unite the country, and fix our dysfunctional government. They want an end to hyper-partisanship. They want an end to racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. They want so much more than their current representatives are willing to give them. Unfortunately, often our representatives do not even consider what we, the people, want for debate. So, how should the people respond to unresponsive representatives? The people should hold their votes in abeyance and guard their votes jealously. Casting our votes for unresponsive representatives is a fool’s errand. “We the people” should only vote for “representatives” who operate to affect our lives positively. A lack of accountability on the part of representatives must come with consequences.

We can begin the process of organizing by addressing who the opposition in the street is. Per reports, in America alone, they seem to be made up of more than 7,000 groups that feel aggrieved and threatened by the Trump administration. There are groups of all types: feminist groups, labor groups, civil rights groups, human rights groups, environmental groups, etc. What is impressive is the speed at which this movement is coming together. Many of these organizations have long histories and are well into the routinization stage of their life cycle. They now exist in their silos, and under normal circumstances, these groups would all be off pursuing their agendas and governing their affairs. Some of these groups compete for membership and operating funds in markets that are tight for these types of resources. It would take an existential threat of enormous magnitude to bring these groups together and put them in the streets in protest.

The problem of saving democracy is made more difficult because the groups arrayed against it are not just at work in America; they have manifestations worldwide. Fortunately, pro-democracy groups are in the streets and pushing back in sixty other countries. While it is essential, too, I maintain pro-democratic organizations should make common cause with pro-democracy groups everywhere; after all, the anti-democratic groups are busy making common cause with like-minded groups and states against them. For an organic social movement to go beyond being a mass protest organization, an energized mass organic reaction to a circumstance it does not approve of or seeks to change must be organized. Finally, the pro-democratic social movements in the other sixty countries probably suffer the same communication problems, coordination, planning, feedback, etc., that exist in the American version of this embryonic movement.

You can add the need for the organization they need for the singularity of purpose and solidarity of mission between all countries that have joined this movement. What is required for this social movement is an overarching organizational superstructure, an International Headquarters, and satellite organizations within each country? The Individuals country-specific organization should provide the necessary communication, coordination, planning, feedback, etc., for their countries’ operations. The entire international organization should have a singularity of purpose and solidarity of mission. All the constituent groups in this social movement in their respective countries should pay fealty and pay dues to their organization. The schematic associated with this news release shows the contemporary panoply of pro-democracy groups (pro-democracy groups) in their siloed, episodic participatory existence on the left compared to the Routinization Stage wherein the pro-democracy groups have coalesced to form a structure capable of promoting EM-P on the right side of the schematic.

We are now at a time of choosing; do we choose the “well-ordered society” and the realistic utopia of John Rawls and the “Beloved Community” and the “better world” of Dr. Martin Luther King, or do we choose the anarchic nightmare of Thomas Hobbes? We at Washington & Associates, Inc. believe most will prefer the former, so we are reaching out to pro-democracy groups to engage with and solicit their buy-in and participation in organizing and unifying pro-democracy organizations. This new organization’s objective is to create an international force capable of promoting EM-P, unifying the country, and saving liberal democracy, as explained in white paper no. 007.



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